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Nida Yasir’s perfect pregnancies that ended with massive baby blues

With both her bundles of joy, Nida had the picture perfect pregnancies. There was no nausea, lethargy or even mood swings. Interestingly her initial 3 month cravings were the same for both the kids. “I always felt like having sweets, chocolates and the green khopray ki mithai!” Till 7 months of her pregnancies, no one could even tell that she was pregnant and she continued with her acting projects wholeheartedly. “I had no difficulties even during my delivery, mainly because I was very active throughout my pregnancy both times. However, after both my kids, I was massively hit with the baby blues. The trauma of the continuous crying spells and depression scares me from planning another baby. I hated those 3 months.” Nida emphasizes on the utmost care a woman requires from her husband and family after giving birth. “Husbands don’t realize the massive change a woman goes through. Even Yasir and I used to end up having arguments on my heightened sensitivity levels. Yasir is a go getter, with a very busy daily schedule as a director, the last thing he expected after coming home was a depressed wife. What he didn’t understand was that it was not in my control.”

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Submitted by: nadia on Saturday, August 25, 2012

I like nida she is very beauitifull and very inteligent

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