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Adoption Unconditional Love – Yes

Weeks ago, I sat in training at work. We were learning how to become trainers for the future academies. Part of our training included impromptu speeches on various subjects. There was one particular subject that caught my attention. The question was: “What’s your favorite sound?” Many had simple answers, but one person proved an excellent point. He said, “My favorite sound is the laughter of a baby.” With that, a smile instantly appeared on my face, and I could just hear my little one laughing away with her cute smile and big brown eyes. I sat there a moment and reflected on how wonderful it is to have children and what joy they really bring a person. However, children of our own are not the only ones who capture our hearts. Other people’s children can capture the hearts of others as they are not capable of having a biological child or possibly may have different relations that doesn’t allow for a child to be conceived.

Regardless of the situation, a lot of people choose to adopt children. Adopting a child is a great gift not only to the child but also to the adoptive parents. When a person chooses to adopt, it’s a decision that is heavily weighed. All aspects of adopting a child are evaluated and a lot of time is put into making that decision. In the end, people adopt children because they yearn to fill the void of their heart of not having a child in their lives. As a result, just as any biological child is, the adopted child becomes part of a family. There is no doubt in my mind that adopted children are unconditionally loved by their adopted parents. These are the people who chose to bring this child into their lives. Just as biological children do, these adopted children are exactly the same. Those who adopt don’t look at the child and say, “He’s not really mine.” It’s obvious that they don’t for they have taken this child into their lives and want to be the parents. Instead, the adopted parents look at the child full of love and joy of having such a precious gift. Each day, just as with a biological child, bonds are made. Trust is developed and the unconditional love is as well.

It’s evident these people made a rational decision in adopting a child And, as any parent knows, a child has so much charm that anyone’s child can capture your heart. When that child becomes part of your family, the unconditional love is something that can’t be denied. Hearing a child laugh, putting a child to bed every night, to hear them call you Mom is the ultimate gift. Love for all children is unconditional regardless of any situation. As we all know an adopted child is no less than a biological child.