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Can you get Pregnant during your Period

Understanding the menstruation cycle isn’t always easy to do. This is often because each woman is different and each cycle is different. The length of a cycle can vary between 17 days and 32 days. Your ovulation within that time frame can be varied as well. In fact, the whole thing is a generalized mess.

The Generalized Mess.
The cycle is supposed to be 28 days long. Your period starts on day one and should last between three and seven days. Fourteen days after you start your period you are supposed to ovulate. This is the process in which an egg is released from the ovary. That egg goes down the fallopian tubes in seek of a sperm. Should it meet one and all things work out well, the egg will be fertilized, pregnancy will occur, and the fertilized egg (now on its way to being a baby), will move down to the uterus where it will implant itself in the uterus lining.

Why It’s a Mess.
This is a nice little process, but the problem is that each woman is different. Some have long cycles and other short ones. Some have longer periods that rush right into the natural time of ovulation. It is indeed a story of the process. It is possible for a woman to follow this process one month, but not the next. In fact it is often the case that a woman ovulates at different times during each cycle making it hard to plan and predict. It is even possible for an entire cycle to go by without ovulation.

The Period.
During the period it isn’t as likely that ovulation would occur, however it can. It can happen any time after the second day of the period. The egg will be released and has 24 hours to find sperm before dying. If it is fertilized it will travel down to the uterus and implant just after the period has occured.

Making the situation even more complicated is the life of a sperm. Unknown by most, sperm can live for days inside the woman’s body. The average is about three days with some of the strongest living for as many as five to seven days. This means that you can get pregnant for up to seven days after you have had unprotected sex. Sex during your period can lead to pregnancy just after your period should ovulation occur. It is more likely that ovulation will occur after your period then during it, and sex during your period could get you pregnant then.

Over all, it is less likely to get pregnant during your period, but it isn’t a sure fire bet. In fact, it is a high risk way of birth control, and many women are surprised to discover that you can indeed get pregnant during this time. The cycle of the woman is rather confusing, but pregnancy can occur at any time and you can get pregnant days after having had unprotected sex.