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Open Adoption – Confusion

Granted I was not adopted and I’m lucky enough to have parents that are still married, but I have been around foster kids and adopted kids and I have seen how emotionally damaging it can be. Depending on a person’s situation, I can see why one would believe that it’s …

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International Adoption

There are many myths about adopting children from another country. When you hear someone say that they will just hop over to China or Vietnam or wherever and pick up a child, you can be sure that is a person who doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. …

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Costs of Adoption

Adoptions can be more expensive than people may think. Of course, it could also be cheaper. Parents looking to adopt may be concerned about the cost. As well as if they are able to meet those costs. By knowing about the adoption process, you can make informed decisions. The cost …

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How to Locate your Birth Parents

If you’re an adopted child, there will come a time in your life when you would be curious about your birth parents. Even when you’re happy with your adoptive parents, this curiosity will lead you to search for the identity of your birth parents. Many questions might be looming in …

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Finding the right Adoptive Family

Adoption is special in many ways. It brings together families that would otherwise not exist. It provides homes, families, and opportunities for children who need them, it provides love and joy to the adoptive parents, and it gives birth parents the ability to give their child a family who will …

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Adoption Reference Letter

Some day a friend or relative may ask you to write an adoption reference letter, or during the screening process your name is on a list of friends and family and the agency contacts you directly for a letter. You sit down at your desk and stare at the blank …

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