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Child Behavior

Syntactical Development in Children

Early syntactic development is typically analysed into three stages: the holophrastic stage, the two-word stage, and the hierarchical stage. Roger Brown introduced the major study of syntactic development. He analysed the speech of children in his book “A First Language” in which he goes into the process of these stages. …

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Bullying and our Children

Our children need us now more than ever! Our world is rapidly changing causing so many of us to forget what really matters in life. We are always running and filling every moment of the day with “activities”…as if it showed poor parenting skills if we did not “join” something …

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Spanking Children

Opinions differ greatly on the subject of disciplining one’s minor children. The only opinion to be considered, though, is that of the parents involved when thoroughly analyzing this issue. Taking the time to train one’s children from infancy will minimize or even eliminate the need for discipline, but it is …

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