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Pagan Grandparent

There is a strong tradition within paganism of elders in the community passing down their skills and knowledge to the younger generations. In this respect, being a pagan grandparent is little different to being a grandparent of any other faith. The differences lie in the subtleties of how we behave …

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Grandparent Grandmother

“Grandma”, “Grandmom”, “Granny”, “Gran”, “MeeMaw”, “Nana”, “MawMaw”, and there are probably a dozen more, from different languages, cultures, or areas of the country. I thought that I was going to be “Grandma” to my first granddaughter, as my mother was “Nana” to all the kids. I found out that was …

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Grandparents Babysitting Grandchildren

When grandparents baby sit their grandchildren wonderful things can happen. Love can grow, bonding can take place, grandchildren can learn so much, and grandparents can pass on their heritage. If this isn’t happening don’t give up. There is no situation that cannot be helped by a few careful changes. In …

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