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Parenting Styles

How to get Kids to do Housework

Keeping the house in good, clean condition takes time and effort with a family. Staying on top of the chores provides an orderly and functional home. Having everyone help out can get chores completed in less time and take the strain off. Getting the children involved with the housekeeping gives …

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Toxic ex

Your ex has now become your worst nightmare. As the custodial parent of the children you share and with a toxic personality to boot he or she now has the ability to make your life hell. The more that you protest against their inappropriate ways the worse they may become. …

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Relationships Daughter in Law

Building A Lifelong Relationship With Your Daughter-in-law Remember what it was like to be in her shoes. You married some ones son once too. In my case, my mother-In-law was hard on all her daughter-In-laws. I did not know this at first and took it quite personally until I realized …

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Child Rearing

Not everybody is a natural author, and you cannot expect your kids to be necessarily expressive. Even saying that, writing helps to center the mind. Through encouraging creativity comes learning, patience, knowledge wisdom, imagination. You help your child to develop their minds and expand their potential through writing. Children have …

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