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First Trimester Pregnancy Cramps

First trimester cramps are a normal part of pregnancy and the changes a woman’s body must go through to nourish and birth a baby. While some of the causes are treatable, others are not. Each type of cramps will be different and require different types of attention for prevention or …

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Braxton Hicks Contractions

This article title presents a very interesting question, but one which is exceedingly difficult to answer. It is supremely hard to describe a physical sensation to one who has yet to feel it for herself, but I’ll give it a try. According to the Merck Medical Manual, Braxton Hicks contractions …

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Pregnancy Marriage

I’m not a husband but I am a mother and I am pregnant with my second child, so I can give husband’s a few tips that will make it easier to support their wives while they are pregnant. I would say that they need to be understanding and understand that …

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