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Child Rearing

Not everybody is a natural author, and you cannot expect your kids to be necessarily expressive. Even saying that, writing helps to center the mind. Through encouraging creativity comes learning, patience, knowledge wisdom, imagination. You help your child to develop their minds and expand their potential through writing. Children have to write essays, reports and other papers in school. That is fine. But writing that is not part of the curriculum, that is totally separate, additional, more imaginative…and then some help to further the development of their young minds and actually help them become students. Most adults clearly remember the little writing assignments at school. For those kids who took it one step further by writing on their own and allowing a more free flow of imagination, actually improved their learning in grade school and most were encouraged to take higher education.

Writing uses and interacts with more of the evolved areas of the human brain, encouraging faster processing, storage and recall of data. Children are at a huge advantage to learn more-potentially even more so than adults. Young kids can learn languages faster, and a number were in university and college in their teens. Inspiring your child to write may not necessarily make them a genius, but could give them a qualitative edge in getting into higher education. Many parents read to their kids at a young age, then naturally hand over the learning to the school system. But encouraging them to write encourages them to learn. It generates a deep desire to learn more.

To inspire them, as a parent you can start by getting them to help you in writing online to posting sites about various subjects and issues. Additionally, you can ask your kids to get on the word processing program and write why they love you (for starters). Or if you wish to be less corny, ask them to write about other things. It’s good to get them away from the endless texting anyways. Through these initial writings, as a parent you also learn more about your child. Plus, your child learns more about you. The assorted online posting sites can also offer the a financial incentive and huge publicity for their thoughts and ideas. Get them to create a blog. Or start a family blog, to which they can add non-texting thoughts.

Every word leads to a thought and every thought is infectious, whether it be good or bad. As parents, you are passing wisdom and knowledge to your children that is hopefully well-received in proper mental growth. Inspiring and encouraging them to write helps to funnel good wisdom and knowledge down in a loving and productive way. You also get to know your kids better. It becomes a win-win situation for parent, child and the family at large.