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Children Love to Hear Stories of Past it Makes them Feel whole – Yes

Family Trees Answer Questions

Have you ever wondered why you have a passion for something like the arts,writing,eduction, animals or sports ? Your a female seeking a profession that’s not considered the exceptible or the norm for a female or a male for that matter , you are discouraged from seeking that profession but you defy all odds not only does your internal drive have you reach your goal but you excel . The answers may very well be in your family tree you are in part the way you are because of your family from passed.

America the Beautiful plays , Military ceremonies and the raising of the American flag always fill my eyes with tears . Early seventies my High School years they offered the armed services test , a whole group of us decided to take the arms services test with not a thought of joining ; this was a way to legitimize cutting classes for the day (test held in school library), much to our surprise three of us had an invitation to join the Marines. This certianly surprised me more then the guys as I was told as a small child over and over if I wanted to be in the military I wouldn’t be allowed to be a soldier (yes times have changed)I would have to be nurse . Throughout my life I just assumed I was this way because of my parents and grandparents aunts and uncles.

There use to be a time births, marriages , deaths and sometimes even illnesses were written most often in a family bible or journal that has slowly disappeared. World of the internet opened the door to filling in the blanks and finding further informaion of relations many years ago. While on my quest to fill in blanks and validate verbal family stories (decades of written information had been lost due to everthing from natural disaster to trashed ) I discovered why tears come to my eyes my mothers side I found roots to the American Revolution
my fathers side roots to the American Revolution . I’ve always been a giver and very humble receiver that comes from my fathers side this was very evident In learning my roots from his side generation after generation received the hightest of honors not a word was said because of their beliefs and culture (this is another story).

Children love to hear stories of past it makes them feel whole and when speaking of the family good chance to mention what things were like in that time little history lesson. With adopted children it is know different as an adoptive parent they should be reinforcing the love because you chose them.

Adoptive parents would only be fooling themselves and possibly create an anger problem if they choose not to give the information of the birth family tree when asked.