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Childrens Activities Unique Snow Sculpture Ideas

Snow sculptures can turn white powder into a magical winter wonderland. Fun for the entire family, snow sculpturing is a wonderful way of cementing the family ties whilst allowing the creative juices to flow. First and foremost, ensure that the correct clothing is worn. Frostbite is not fun at all, so rug up in snow boots, thermal socks, fleece lined waterproof gloves or mittens, warm hat, waterproof pants, thermal underwear, warm top and waterproof jacket. If you do not own waterproof clothing, dress in layers and have some spare clothing set aside as you will get wet, have no doubt of that. Wrap a scarf around the neck to keep the cold wind from biting. Now let’s go have some fun creating some unique snow sculptures.

You will need a regular snow shovel to cut large shapes, a small beach shovel for detailed work and a spoon for fine detail. A spray bottle of water will come in handy as well. For small snow sculptures a clean plastic trash can will be an asset. Simply pack your snow tight, flip it over and start sculpting. The spray bottle can be used to lightly mist the surface. The mist will melt a thin layer of snow and then refreeze to give you a lovely sheen of ice. This makes it so much easier to sculpt in the finer details. Just don’t go overboard with the water. Now what to sculpt?

Snow castle or forts:

Snow castles and forts will be very impressive snow sculptures and they are not as hard to create as some people tend to think. Simply pretend that you are at the beach and making a castle out of sand. Making a snow castle will be a little time consuming but so worth the effort. Just remember, the more people involved the easier this will be. Gather as many kids together as you can. Hopefully you will have wet heavy snow as it is the easiest to work with.

Fresh fallen snow is the best as it will harden instantly and is very adaptable. Choose a location for the snow castle or fort. For an impressive size choose a spot that is approximately 10’ by 10’ wide. Now be sure to start building in a shaded area. Now simply grab your shovels and make an 8ft high by 6ft wide pile of snow. Use a wheel barrow and this will make things easier. Now allow this to sit overnight, the hardest part of your construction is done.

The next day, gather up your tools, some small gardening tools will be an asset. Small gardening tools are wonderful for sculpting your castle or fort. Simply shape the outer walls like bricks. Then add your cone shaped turrets, roof and mote. Scoop out a doorway with your spade when everything else is finished otherwise it might all cave in.

Family of penguins:

A family of penguins can be made in a very simple manner by using two snow balls. One large oval shaped ball for the body and a smaller one for the head. Add a cone shape for the beak and two feet at the base. Older children such as teenegers, may wish to go that one step further and show off their creative flair with a more complex design. Make an entire family of snow penguins, it’s so very easy to do. Just roll a huge ball of snow. This will form the base of the father penguin who will be the largest. Set the large snowball with the flattest part facing up.

Roll another snow ball approximately two thirds of the size of the large one. Place this on top of the base firmly. Make one last snow ball, much smaller than the other two (approximately half the size on the second one) and make this as round as you possibly can. You will have something which looks like a snowman. Now it shall become a penguin. Pack some snow in the gaps between the balls, smooth the stack of snow into one continuous shape. Continue adding snow to the spaces between the snowballs until they resemble a pear-shape like a penguin’s body.

Now shape two very large feet at the front of the base of the snowball. Use your fingers to shape some claws so they look like webbed feet. Shape some wings at the side by making a groove which looks like folded wings. Continue this shaping until the wings are very distinct. Pack some snow onto the wing area. But do allow each layer to set first prior to adding any more. Just keep packing until the wings become visibly separate from the body shape. Do the same to the other side of your penguin. Now shape the beak. This entails gathering a small amount of snow at a time and shaping it into a cone-like shape.

Pack this firmly in your hands until it feels quite solid then carefully press this to the front bottom part of the head. Hold this in place with one hand while gathering snow with the other to pack against the head. Now press this to the head gently but firmly. Add more snow until the beak stays in place. A smaller beak is the best as it should not snap off so easily. Smooth the entire penguin now and when finished shape a small tail and attach this to the penguins base. Add facial features, a cap of scarf if you wish. Now you can go on to make an entire family of assorted sized penguins.

One can make have such fun snow sculpturing, make some snow angels, snow turtles, snow bunnies or whatever your heart desires. There are a vast array of instructions on the internet to help you create a masterpiece of a snow sculpture. From the easiest to the most intricate of designs, snow sculpture is a fun outdoor activity all children will enjoy.