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Common Discipline Mistakes

Every parent makes disciplining mistakes. No one is perfect, but must learn from their mistakes. Parents need to be consistent in their discipline. Here are some common discipline mistakes that parents make.

Some parents discipline the wrong child before finding out all the facts. The fault may be on the part of another child, but the parents discipline quickly before they know everything. It may be that the child they discipline is the trouble maker. There could also be other reasons.

Disciplining out of anger is another common mistake. Parents should wait until their anger has subsided. Often when parents discipline out of anger, they are too hard on the child and end up hurting the child.

Parents should always follow through with what they tell the child they will do. Many times, a parent will tell the child they will do something if the child does not obey. Then they do not do it. The child learns that he or she can get away with many things. He or she knows that the parent will not discipline, because they haven’t done it before. The parents are not consistent when they do this.

Also, parents should not incite their kids to anger or to do something they don’t want them to do, and then discipline them for it. The following is an example of what my sister once observed. A lady was in the store with her little girl. She showed her a very pretty dress and even held it up to the little girl saying how pretty it was. Then, when the little girl asked for the dress, her mother got angry and told her never to ask for anything like that again. That is unfair discipline. The child will not feel loved.

A parent should discipline out of love and tell the child that he or she is being disciplined out of love. The kids need to know that the parent loves them and wants to help them do what is right. Discipline includes teaching a child how to do what is right. They need to be punished, but also know how to do things the right way and not just be told that they are doing things wrong.

All children should be treated the same. One child should not be allowed to get away with something that another child gets disciplined for. This is inconsistency and will cause jealousy between the children. One will feel that they are not loved as much as the other child.

Last, but not least, parents should discipline their kids the way the God tells them to in the Bible. This is giving them a spanking, not just giving a time out or a talking to. The child needs to learn that disobedience hurts. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:15, “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.” Parents need to learn to discipline the way God tells them to. They should give spankings, but not in anger. They should not beat the child and injure him physically.