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Corporal Punishment Parenting – No

Absolutely not. Gone is the day when parents haven’t enough time to deal with their children effectively.

Taking time to teach your children right from wrong and ensure they understand what is acceptable and what is not is of the utmost importance in every household.The main thing to remember here is boundaries. Setting these up benefit all involved. Children need boundaries and if these are explained properly and enforced consistently then there should be no need whatsoever to use corporal punishment.

I believe that you certainly do need to discipline your children but discipline and abuse are two very different areas. Corporal punishment is abuse no matter what way you look at it. You are physically beating or indeed hitting a minor. Someone that is too young and too vulnerable to stand alone and upright against you. These parents that made the choice to care for and protect these children are the very ones hurting them. Hitting a child is vile, wrong and more importantly, unnecessary.

Where do people think they get the right to abuse their children? I’d love to know the answer to that.

I believe that if you speak to your children, firmly and at eye-level when their attention is 100% then you can explain why their behaviour is unacceptable. Tell them what you expect of them. Treat them the same as you would anyone else. Respectfully, mannerly, voice level and honestly. Children can lash out because they know the only attention they receive is from bad behaviour. If spending quality time with your children reduces this then that is what’s needed. Good, concentrated, quality time together.

I have a boisterous four year old and believe me I know that they can push your buttons.That is all they are doing though. Testing you. So, when you realise this you can cope better. Shouting at them achieves nothing. It causes chaos and noise. That’s all.

Taking away toys, games,TVs, trips away and so on does work. If your children like their accustomed lifestyles then they will make sure they keep them. Once you put your foot down and only give them back what they deserve when their behaviour changes for the better then you are moving in the right direction.

Hitting your children is a quick fix solution for any instance in time. It will stop the bad behaviour at the time out of fear not out of respect and understanding.

By teaching your children right from wrong, what you will and will not accept and by leading by example yourself you will see a positive change in your children’s behaviour. Moreover, you won’t have to put the fear of God in them to do it.