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Creating a Collection of Dress up Items for Childrens Imaginative Play

Children have great imaginations and love to pretend. Playing pretend is an effective way for them to understand the world by creating imaginary roles and situations.

Becoming a firefighter, a doctor, a princess, or a pirate are all possible with imagination. An assortment of dress-up clothes and accessories allows children to try on many roles.

Children love to play dress-up. They become part of all kinds of adventures. Playing pretend allows children to be anything they want – parents, royalty, heroes, characters in a story, and more. The creativity children learn from playing pretend is a lifelong asset.

A dress-up collection provides countless hours of fun for children and their friends. Children of all ages, up through and including adults, can participate.

There are many places where costumes and costume accessories can be purchased both on-line and in stores. A creative dress-up assortment can be found without spending a lot of money.

First, check out your closets and dressers. Many things you no longer have a use for will delight children. Half slips can be used as long skirts for little ones. Aprons with waist ties are perfect as capes. Silky scarves and old ties will find all kinds of uses.

Let your friends and relatives know you are looking for dress-up items. They will appreciate knowing that their old things are being used.

People who are moving will uncover all kinds of things when they start packing. What is trash to them may be treasure to you.

Accessories are also fun to collect. Children enjoy trying on all kinds of costume jewelry, especially necklaces. Enhance outfits with white gloves for elegance, or sunglasses for mystery. Hair accessories such as tiaras perfectly top off a royal outfit. Purses of all sizes will be well-used.

There are many dress-up treasures at yard sales. In addition to clothing, It’s easy to find accessories at yard sales. You will see plenty of costume jewelry, ties, belts, and scarves. You may find old costumes which were originally expensive. All kinds of hats are frequently found at yard-sales.

Thrift shops, discount stores, and end-of-season sales are other great resources. Size 4 or 5 cocktail dresses make great full length gowns for children. Keep your eyes open at any of these places for jewelry, scarves, hats, purses, and more.

Once you get started, you’ll realize that it is not hard to find the makings of a dress-up collection. Costume pieces which are not associated with any particular character leave room for open-ended creativity. Provide the materials and let the imagination soar!