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Do People Love less a Child who is Adopted – Yes

I have never given birth to a child. Many of my friends and relatives have. Some others have decided that the best option for them is adoption. There are various reasons why they have selected to adopt a child. Some are afraid of giving birth. Many dislike the fact that a pregnancy may bring complications to the mother and also consider it to be an inconvenience. Some women simply do not want to go through a pregnancy because they have very hectic lifestyles. Personally for me it would be a hassle having to interrupt my sport activities due to a pregnancy.

There are ladies who are over forty years old and are afraid of having a high risk pregnancy or of bearing children withgenetic anomalies. Several women consider adoption because they do not wish to have neither a relationship with a man nor go throught the process of receiving artificial insemination. In fact, there are multiple reasons why a woman may decide to adopt a kid. None of these reasons mean in any way that they will love their baby more or less. A baby is a gift. It is a precious thing for most people. Having a kid means the world for so many people. It does not really matter for most if this kid is adopted or not. There are thousands of couples and single people waiting for a child to adopt. There are thousands of kids all over the world waiting for someone to love them and to want them in their lives. It is more than logical that if someone wishes to adopt he or she will take good care of this infant and will love him or her as much as any other child. In fact, when a child is adopted this kid is more desided and expected than many other kids; specially those who are not wanted.

There are women who become pregnant and decide to have an abortion or decide to give the baby for adoption. These women are not ready or do not wish to have a child. Sometimes these same people bring a child to the world; one they do not want. When somebody brings to the world an unwanted baby, this baby may not encounter the love and acceptance deserved by him or her. An adopted child is one desired by someone. Somebody who is willing to pay, wait, and be scrutinized completely in order to be able to care for a child. A child who is adopted will probably receive the same loving treatment any other child would. Take into consideration that if someone undergoes so much in order to adopt, it means interest. This interest suggests that this individual or this couple has the best of intentions with this kid.

All the people I know who have adopted kids are fascinated with the choices made. It is very gratifying to adopt a child. Those who do are bringing light into a life full of darkness. They are giving hope to a life full of uncertainty. When something offers so much joy to someone, it will also bring love. Any baby is a blessing. Having the opportunity to care for a kid is priceless and rewarding. It must bring happiness and an enormous feeling of love to both the ones who adopt and those adopted.