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Does Parenting Play a Role in your Childs Future Work Ethic – Disagree

I can’t say that I agree. I grew up in a home where the moms always stayed home. Going on 41 my standards of my children are much different than my parents. Being the youngest of six children times were tight and the economy was more reasonable than it is today.
Remembering being happy just to get any presents at Christmas or my birthday.
Kids today have a different viewpoint. If they can’t get what they want they retalliate and say they hate you and go out and rebel in any way they can.
I made a pact to myself when I was younger that I would not be a housewife and would love my children and be more involved with their life. Well who was I to want to be a friend to my children? That is where I made my mistake. I work full time and I am a single mother of three. When my oldest daughter was conceived I was 20 and didn’t have a single clue about being a mom. I knew I always wanted children but I haven’t yet established my goals. Now today, I’m still trying to reach that goal. My life as a single mom has been longer than I was married, went to school, and my working career. For several years I worked two jobs, went back college, and juggled the kids back and forth to their activities.
My oldest daughter was my guinea pig as far as parenting. I learned so much from her and hoped that she would not make the same mistakes I have made. She is now one of my best friends but I will always be her mother and give her my opinion. I know that she will do whatever she wants and hopefully she takes my struggles into consideration when she makes choices. She is so different from me. I always worked hard from the time I was fifteen. My daughter would find ways of not having to work or if someone gave her a hard time she just wouldn’t go back her next scheduled shift. Being a retail manager I see this trend alot. I don’t feel that heredity or upbringing has anything to do with work ethic. I feel that allowing children to get their way and trying to be their friend and not their parent plays a big part in the work force. You can talk to them as much as you want but they are only going to hear and do what they want. It’s human nature.
The economy has changed so much since my childhood days that unless your rich and have no money you have no choice to work. Kids today are forced into the working field that they have no chance of figuring out what they want to do. The only thing they know is if they want a car or have their nails done they have to work for their wants. But you do not get the same work ethic as you would from the generation I grew up in. Most children can fall back to their parents. They get the nails done and don’t have enough money to pay their responsible adult bills. I didn’t have that growing up. I never got my nails done, I didn’t get the lastest technological device and I certainly didn’t get any help from mommy or daddy. They were busy trying to run a household.