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Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment

An ectopic pregnancy is oen where the fertilized egg has implanted in the fallopian tube rather then traveling the full length to the uterus. This is a pregnancy that can not survive and if allowed to continue can even kill a woman. Because of that treatment is important and the sooner the better.


Methotrexate is a medicine typically given to women with ectopic pregnancies via an injection and often at two different injection sites. It stops rapidly dividing cells from growing (such as those associated with pregnancy) and often causes the pregnancy to then terminate. Hormone levels are checked very regularly for the first week, often every day. As long as your hormone levels are decreasing significantly enough the doctor will back of blood level checks to about once a week for one month to three months. This is to make sure that the embryo doesn’t continue to develop.

If it appears that the Methotrexate isn’t being successful at eliminating the developing pregnancy then it is possible to get a second dose. It could also be possible to end up needing surgery.

Medication usually works best if there are few symptoms, no internal bleeding, and the pregnancy is early (less then 6 weeks). Sometimes it is also used after surgery to make sure that all of the tissue was gotten and to help alleviate any additional symptoms.


Many ectopic pregnancies are treated with surgery. The best option is when it is early enough that the fallopian tube can be cut into to remove the developing embryo rather then having to remove a section of the tube. There are several different surgeries used and it is often based on how far along you are when it is discovered that you have ectopic pregnancy. If there is a rupture of the fallopian tubes then emergency surgery is needed to correct the problem.


It is also possible that the ectopic pregnancy will naturally abort. When this happens it is usually necessary to monitor the woman to make sure that all of the embryo and developing tissue has been aborted and that no damage is done to the fallopian tubes. Sometimes this also requires a dose of Methotrexate.

Finding out that you are pregnant is often an exciting time, however it can be devastating with a tubal ectopic pregnancy. It is important that the pregnancy be removed for the safety of the woman. Many women also need counciling to deal with the loss of the baby. However, the earlier the treatment the better for the woman.