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Happy Kids

It is really important for a child to feel special. There is always time during the day to spend some time with a child. Kids develop a sense of trust and relationships with their parents and it is important from day one that parents start the bonding process.

One on one time between kids and parents are very important and can lead to lifelong happy relationships. At least one hour a day will give your kids the assurance that you care about them and want to be involved in their daily activities.

Including your kids can make them feel important in the decisions the family makes. My experience with including my daughter would be asking her what kind of dinner we eat that night or what snack she wants at the grocery store. Letting your child make a decision once in a while will boost their self esteem.

When a child does something wrong, don’t just mention what they did wrong. Tell the child what they could do right next time and make sure they understand why it was wrong. This gives the child a respect of communication between parents and child.

Children like structure so make sure the kids have a daily routine. I make sure that my daughter has her nap every day after lunch, that way she is willing and prepared to go to her room and sleep. My daughter gets to watch her show every day at a certain time. This way when the show is over, she will not be upset when I turn off the television nor will she expect to watch the television all day.

Reading to your child every night before bed can set a good routine. This routine can give cues to little ones that it is bedtime and making it easier on everyone. A bonus with reading to kids every night is they will grow to enjoy books.

When you go to the grocery store or mall, take your child with you. It helps the child with social skills and bonding with the parents.

If you have a new baby in the house, it is always a good thing to make big brother or sister the title of “little helper”. Having my daughter included with the care of my new baby has been a great experience for her. She feels included and she learns what a baby needs and a few skills.