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Have Family Values really Changed

I believe the statement that family values have never really changed is basically true. The core values are there in almost every family. The things that have changed are all the surrounding outside influences that cause undue pressure on us as parents. Trying to instill good morals is often difficult when “anything goes” seems to be the case outside the family.

Years ago, and I think this is important, mothers for the most part stayed home and raised their children. The children weren’t raised by babysitters or TV or the Internet. Of course, times having changed, most families can’t get along anymore on one income; so it’s necessary for both parents to go out to work. Often that result can leave children on their own, which is unfortunate.

Have you seen what is on the Internet lately that initially appears so innocent? A friend of mine mentioned the other day that she was looking for books about animals in the wild, as she and her husband are nature lovers. She did a search on Amazon and came up with a shocking result. It was something called “Wild Neighbors,” and she was upset to see pictures of a man and woman in full frontal nudity. She was actually so angry that she got in touch with Amazon and read them the riot act. It took about a week for them to remove this smut from their site. Just think, though, any child could have gone onto Amazon and come across that.

It’s sad to think how TV and the media have affected us all. Reality TV in particular makes us wonder what can the producers of such shows be thinking? Is it really necessary that we show people in the process of meltdown or spoiled rich people who have become so bored that they tend to implode for no other reason than their boredom? Most smart parents realize how negative such shows are and are keenly aware that they in no way offer anything of value to their children.

A positive feature of family life is the family being together each day and at least sharing one meal. Most families try to accomplish this, although it gets more and more difficult as everyone seems to be going their separate way as the children start to grow. Still, this is an important family value that most people believe in and which keeps the family close and connected.

Religion has always played a part in family values, and it would be safe to say that families today, generally, are still very much concerned that their children be given some religious training, or at least information that they can use to decide when they are grown if they want to continue in their current church or seek another. But there are also people who don’t make religion a major part of their family values, yet this doesn’t mean that they don’t still have strong morals to pass along to their children.

Basically, I believe that family values have not really changed that much over the years. It’s the outside influences that have changed, and if families can rise above the poor influences out there today, that is half of the battle for decent values that will continue to be handed down from one generation to the next.