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Helping Children Wake up on Time

t’s all about routines and the way to bring them in your home and make them work for you and your family. A good morning routine is an excellent way to begin a successful and productive day. It’s the way that works for children and adults alike. There are several ways to develop routines that will work for your family.

1. It all begins at bedtime. No one wants to get up when they have not had enough sleep and so that is where waking up begins. Bedrooms should be designed to sleep not play. There should be no TVs in the bedroom. Toys should be put away. If there needs to be water, but a bottle next to the bed so no one is getting up in the night for useless errands. Bed time should be respected and non-negotiable.

2. Adult time comes first. The adults in the house should have a bit of private time in the morning. Perhaps just washing their faces and having a cup of coffee or tea is enough. For some it may take a little more preparing before they want to fact the children. You know what needs to happen so set your alarm accordingly and don’t even bother to use the snooze.

3. Use technology to help wake up the children. One of the greatest inventions for morning routines is the increasing light and sound alarm clock. It mimics the rising sun in the bedroom. The session begins about 30 minutes before the wake up time. Approximately 20 minutes into the increased lighting gentle noises are added to arouse the sleeping child. By the time you enter the room to say good morning they are out of their deep sleep phase and ready to fully awake. For us, this was miracle technology.

4. Moving on to breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. Good nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated. There is one breakfast selection, not a individualized menu. Each may have their favorite, and it will come around in turn. For breakfast, the rule is that you eat what you are served.

5. Breakfast is done and now it’s off to the bathroom. Brush the teeth, hair, and do all the necessary hygiene chores. Then it is immediately to the bedroom to get dressed. What’s the hurry? If the pajamas are still on there is the tendency to fall right back into bed. (If you need proof check with my grandchildren.)

If you have made it this far into your day, feel free to consider it a success. Everyone is up, fed and dressed on time. What more good a mother possiblely ask for? Ok, go ahead and add make the bed to the list.