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How to Avoid Unnecessary Operation during Childbirth

The first step to a good birthing experience starts at the beginning of expecting. Ideally, this should be when you’re just planning on becoming pregnant, but as soon as you know you’re pregnant will be just as well.
Taking care of yourself, though many take it for granted, will do a lot for your baby. When you get enough nutrients for both of you and avoid dangerous substances, your baby is given the best chances to develop. A healthy baby is less likely to invite invasive measures than one whose development was interfered with.

Choose someone for your spokesperson. This could be your spouse, doula, relative, or good friend. Just someone that you trust to speak on your behalf should you be detracted or incapable yourself. Pick them as soon as you can, so that you can discuss what your wishes are, and involve them in your preparation.
Also let your health providers know what your plans are. A printed birthing plan is good, but use it as a tool for discussion, not as a rulebook to throw at people while in labor.

Become educated on what your options are, being honest with yourself. Sometimes, no matter what cares have been taken outside the womb, the placenta or baby might be at risk and things can rapidly go downhill. In such cases, it’s great if you found natural methods, but have a backup plan.

Avoid being induced. In a healthy, single baby pregnancy, you CAN get to 42-43 weeks. It’s just that there are real concerns for going beyond this point, such as the baby not getting enough nutrients through the placenta anymore. However, if your baby or your body are intent on not going through with birth, your chances of having a cesarean increase a lot.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up if you do require an operation. It’s not a perfect world, sometimes no matter what we do, our definition of “right” just doesn’t happen. You shouldn’t be denied the right to grieve if you feel wronged, but accept the event as another life challenge, something to grow from. Your baby needs your love, not your spite over something beyond control.