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How to Child Proof your Home to Make it Safer for Kids

It is absolutely vital to child-proof your home. There are many facets to this, and following are some specific ways to make your home safer.

Lock away all dangerous materials

There are many items that can be dangerous to your children. Some of these may be obvious, but others not as much. Of course all medications should be locked away. A lot of people might not realize how important it is to lock away all vitamins and supplements as well. One of the leading causes of emergency room visits for children is because they have overdosed on a vitamin that contained too much iron. It is also important to put away any cleaners. Many cleaners look like colored soda, and the child may take a big swig before they realize what it is. Also, make sure that all car chemicals are safely away.

When stowing away these products make sure that you do not leave them out for a minute without your attention. That is all it takes for your children to grab them. Also, make sure that the children cannot get to their hiding places. Remember that children start to climb at a young age, and they may be able to take something like a broom to swat down something that is high.

Put away all small objects if you have children under three (or children who still put objects in their mouths)

A large part of child-proofing a home for a very young child is making sure that there is nothing small out. Many incidences that occur in the home are from the child choking on such an item. Think about any pieces that go to things that can come off. Also, think about items like coins, marbles, etc.

Make sure there is nothing that can fall on the child

You do not want to get a bookcase that the child can pull down on himself or herself while trying to climb. You do not want glass objects out that the child can grab and shatter all over them. You can anchor many pieces of furniture to the walls. Things like deflated balloons are one of the worst choking hazards. Think about floor lamps and other objects that the child might be able to get.

Use safety locks, latches, etc.

You will find many products dedicated to child-proofing. For instance, they have covers that can go over the knobs on your stove. You can get a lock for the refrigerator. You can get locks for cabinets and drawers. There are many products that protect children from electrical outlets. They sell gates to help protect the child from pools, stairs and other areas. Get what is appropriate for your house.

You should go around your house and look for anything that could possibly be a hazard. Consider getting a book on the subject or even hiring a professional who will look around your house to help you find any area that might be a problem. The more you do, the safer it will be for your children.