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How to Cut Back your Childs Television

Children watch an average of three hours of television each day. With unlimited channels, the children have more choices to zone out in front of the TV. It is an escape from the everyday doldrums for kids to relax and forget for awhile.

Getting your child to break the habit of watching television for hours on end can be a challenge for many parents. It can be done with much effort on both parent and child.

Create a chart

Children thrive on rewards. Instead of making television something easy for your child to watch, make them earn it. Make a chart of activities your child must do each day to earn time in front of the television. Sit down and pick items together that your child can do to get TV time.

It is important to keep activities that your child will enjoy and be engaged enough to stick with the new routine. Activities can vary from: playing outdoors, reading a book or playing board games. Do not make watching TV an easy task to obtain, this should be a reward.

No television during the school week.

Many schools have already adopted a contest of children not watching TV during the school week. There are three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Depending on you and your child’s choice you can choose to limit the amount of television during school days.

Going for gold is no television at all during the school week. Instead your child relies on other methods of entertainment. It helps with creativity and it helps with a child being able to focus on schoolwork.

Get rid of extra televisions

Many would be surprised that a family such as Maria Schriver’s would only have one television in the house, but she chose that for a reason. It limits the amount of television her children watch and it creates quality family time.

Today families have more than one television. Many families have televisions in several rooms of the house. This makes it easier for children to watch TV whenever they would like. By taking away the extra televisions, you limit the amount of time your child will spend in front of the TV.

With today’s ever changing world, it is important to instill values in our children that cannot be provided by a television. Cutting down the time a child spends in front of the TV will be a challenge, but well worth it when one sees the results.