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How to Make a Diy Diaper Cake

Looking for a baby shower decoration or a unique gift? How about both in one! Diaper cakes have become extremely popular over the last few years. They are so versatile and practical, a must have for the mom-to-be. Moms and guests will ooh and ahh over this adorable creation. Place it in the center of the food or gift table at the big event and you have a ready-made centerpiece that mom-to-be can take home and put to use after the little one arrives.

1) Loads of Diapers ~ Of great importance here is the type of diaper you use to create the diaper cake. The diaper cake will be a waste if the mom-to-be doesn’t want to use the brand or style you chose. Check the mom-to-be’s registry and use the size and brand of diapers she registered for. Or better yet, make the cake out of size one instead of newborn sized diapers since some babies don’t wear newborn sized diapers for very long. If you are planning on creating a 3-tier diaper cake, one pack of newborn sized diaper will be sufficient. (Most packs include around 56 diapers.)

2) Decorations ~ Here’s the fun part. You can be creative here and use a variety of items to decorate your diaper cake. First decide what you would like to use to wrap around your tiers. One affordable option is to wrap each layer with a wide ribbon. Check out the baby’s registry and choose ribbon in patterns and colors that coordinate with the nursery decor. Or if you are using the diaper cake as a baby shower decor item as well, match the ribbon with the theme of the shower decor. You can use one strip of ribbon or several strips of ribbon in different widths, designs and colors and layer them around each tier of the cake. Another option for wrapping the tiers is to purchase receiving blankets and wrap them around each tier. You can use any type of blanket but receiving blankets are typically cheaper and thin so they work well around the tiers.

Now that you’ve wrapped each tier you can decide what other decorations, if any, you would like to include on the diaper cake. Some ideas of useful items include baby booties, socks, rattles, abc blocks, pacifiers or stuffed animals. You may wish to place a topper on the cake as well. A stuffed animal or a large bow will work well here or possibly a monogram or plaque with the baby’s name on it. If you are looking to keep the cost down, stick with a single wide ribbon around each tier and purchase some crinkle paper to put at the base of each tier and on the cake top.

3) Assemble your cake ~ Start by purchasing some round cardboard cake rounds to place the tiers on or you can simply cut different size circles out of cardboard for each tier. You can cover the cardboard with wrapping paper, tissue paper or even a blanket. There are a few ways to assemble a diaper cake. One of the easiest is to tightly roll each diaper and tie a ribbon around each one. The mini ribbons work better than tape since tape can be a chore for the mom-to-be when she starts to use the diapers. You may wish to place a rubber band around each diaper to hold the diaper together while you tie the ribbon and then you can simply slip the rubber band off. A large rubber band is also helpful to place around the entire tier when wrapping your ribbon or blanket around.

Now on to attaching the cute little goodies you purchased to decorate the cake. One super simple and effective way to do this is by purchasing glue dots at the craft store. The dots are very sticky and will hold on even slightly heavy items but also work well because they will peel off easily without damaging the diapers. Ribbons may work as well at attaching some items.

Simple as that! With a little bit of time and planning you have created a gorgeous practical gift that the expectant mother will be sure to appreciate. For an optional finishing touch here, you can wrap the diaper cake in cellophane paper and tie off at the top with a bow matching your tier ribbon.