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How to Make a Fun Baby Shower

I am the Grandma to be and throwing a baby shower for my daughter. There are quite a few important things to think about when you begin to plan your baby shower.

The first is the theme. Always get the mother-to-be’s input on the theme she’d like and then you need to go to your local party supply stores to determine if the theme is readily avialable for what you want to do. A great idea is to also plan the baby shower theme around the same theme the parents to be will use for the baby’s nursery.

Example: My daughter & I worked well together and she chose the baby nursery theme to be “Classic Winnie the Pooh”, so we also decided to use the same colors and theme and planned the baby shower also around “Classic Winnie the Pooh”. At first I got pretty discouraged because there weren’t a whole lot of options for the shower for this theme until I started becoming creative and planning items on my own.

Once you have determined your theme you can be very creative with both the internet and supplies readily available thru craft stores, party stores and paper stores. I purchased prinable sticker sheets, downloaded some classic winnie the pooh images online and using the program “Printmaster”, I was able to create 1) Bookmark party favor with a poem, date of shower, Name of shower, and theme image 2) Advice card for the mother to be with the same theme 3) Candybar wrappers printed on the same sticker sheets and wrapped around the candybar 4) For very cheap I purchased 4 miniature clay pots, painted them yellow, painted a mock dripping honey and wrote hunny on the pots in the theme. We were then able to use these to place a center pieces around the tables and then mom takes them home to use in the baby’s nursery.

Everything we did with the shower is completely centered around the baby’s nursery theme and has enabled each item to also be used to go into the nursery so you don’t end up wasting anything.

We even saved money on invitations by sending online evites through the website www.evite.com. For those unfamiliar with this site it allows you to send invites online to anyone with an email address and the replies are also posted online and you’re kept up to date via email or going online yourself.

I hope the above really helps you put together the best baby shower you can