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How to Promote Responsibility in Teens

You want your teens to learn responsibility now rather than later. When they learn these important lessons young, they may be more likely to carry them with them when they are offer to college, a job or just out on their own in the next few years. The following are some ways you can promote this important ideal in teens.

Give them a pet to take care of

A pet can be a great way to teach children about responsibility. Many children would love a pet if they do not have one. If they do have one, then you can make taking care of it their responsibility. If you do not yet have one, then the deal could be that you will get one if they agree to take care of it. Make sure that they have both the good and bad jobs. They should be doing the kitty litter in addition to feeding and petting the cat. You should check up on them on a regular if not daily basis to make sure that they are taking care of him or her. If there is a problem, then talk to your teen. Make sure they understand the importance of what they are doing.

Teach them about money responsibility

It is important that your children learn how to be responsible with money. To accomplish this, you can let them make the decisions on how to spend their own money. You can open up a junior bank account if your local bank offers such an entity or you can just keep a bank account for your child yourself. You can give them a way to earn money such as by doing the lawn and then let them decide how they want to spend the money.

Give them chores to do

Most parents give their children chores and responsibilities around the house. Teach them that it is important to take care of their own things as well such as keeping a clean room and cleaning up after themselves. You should also teach them to help with the family chores such as laundry, clearing the table and so forth. They can also help with the cooking and with other activities. You can have an allowance or other rewards for their accomplishments.

It is important to teach your teens about responsibility at a young age. Consider the above activities to help foster this lesson.