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How to Raise Kids that Read

Raising kids that read is relatively easy, in spite of what some professionals say today.

I know, it’s an old adage that gets no support these days. Do what you tell your children to do. That’s right. Turn off that television set. Grab the newspaper. Peruse your favorite magazine, or even read a book. Set aside time for yourself to read, every day, and it will come naturally to your children to do the same.

It’s easy to do. We all have a corner of the house where we stand and stare for hours asking ourselves, “what do I do with this corner?” That’s easy. Turn it into a reading nook. For no more than $20.00 at your local Target, KMart or Walmart, you can purchase a 3 shelved book shelf. Find a comfortable seat, sometimes through garage sales, or an odd piece of furniture you’ve not found an adequate spot for within your home, and put it in your reading corner. Next, provide adequate lighting for reading. Again, for less than $20.00 you can find a reading lamp that will work perfectly for your newly created reading corner that will accent any decor. By providing a specific area in which your child can grab and book and read will greatly influence their reading decisions, giving you a break from nagging at them to read more often.

Of course, it never hurts to start young. Read to your children every night before bed. If before bed doesn’t work in your family, find a time during family down time that reading will fit into a regular schedule and make sure that you stick to the routine. When your child reaches their early reading years, make them read to you. Most Elementary schools take children to the library once a week. When your
child comes home with a new, age appropriate book each week, make sure you sit and have a reading session. Based on your child’s ability, have them read to you. Whether that be the entire book, or just certain parts of the book, having them
take part will increase their desire to read 100%.

By adding a ‘reading space’ to your home, setting aside time for you to read something each day, and getting an early start on the importance of reading, you will be sure to raise a successful reader who will seek out new literature to challenge and enhance their minds with little effort on your part.