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How to Show a Child you Love them

Making children feel loved is an important part of a parent’s role. It is easy to do this without spoiling the child or spending too much money, and it is important to do this so that the child does not feel neglected.

The most important way and simplest way to make a child feel loved is to tell them just that. When you tell a child you love them, that makes them feel loved. Often they will tell you that they love you too. The family is an important place for unconditional love.

Another way to let a child know that you love them is to do things for them. These needn’t be things that get in the way of their growing up and doing things for themselves. Some of these things include for example, making a packed lunch for a primary school aged child.

When a child gets to secondary school, especially when a child is a teenager, he or she might get embarrassed by you. It’s not that the child doesn’t know you love them and it’s not even that they dislike you. It’s simply part of being a teenager. The important thing to do here is to show your love when they’re not around their friends, keeping some distance when they are with friends or at school.

Primary school aged children need to be shown they’re loved and this is much simpler to do than with secondary school children, since they do not usually mind being around friends when you show them this. In fact, around birthday times it can be fun to throw a big party for them and their friends.

Birthday parties needn’t be expensive. For a child under about 7 or 8, a traditional birthday party with games like pass the parcel can be just as fun as a big party at a playhouse. In fact, sometimes simple gestures like having a party at your own house can make a child know you love them more, especially since it is you who is doing most of the catering rather than a separate company that doesn’t know the child.

Children often have particular interests and hobbies. If this is a sensible hobby such as ballet or football, then indulge them in it. Don’t try to mould your child’s interests too much unless they involve something dangerous. Encourage your child to have separate opinions to your own by conversing with your child and making sure that their viewpoint is valued.

The secret to letting a child know it’s loved is that, deep down, children do know this. Unless you’re a particularly bad mother, your children understand that you love them no matter what. Occasionally telling them this or doing something simple is just another part of a mother’s role and is only additional to the fact that they already know you love them.