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How to Talk to your Child about Sex

Sex. It is a topic every parent should take the time to discuss with their child. Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance. Arming your child with accurate information will help them make the right choices and most importantly be smart and safe with those choices.

Many people find the subject uncomfortable and awkward to talk about with anyone, especially their children. While you may be embarrassed, sex has the power to be a total life changer and shouldn’t be taken lightly or ignored. Do you want sex to dramatically change your child’s life?

Taking responsibility for providing your children with information is more important than any kind of discomfort you may feel. Suck it up buttercup, this is your child. Do not leave it up to a limited education system to deal with the more challenging aspects of parenthood. If you are old enough to have a kid, you should be old enough to discuss how a kid is made.

From pregnancy to STDs, sex has some pretty powerful consequences and the uniformed are more likely to suffer them. The effects can be far reaching, permanent, even life threatening. There is so much misinformation out there; it might be a good idea to read up yourself before you pass false info onto your progeny.

Planned Parenthood is a wonderful resource to help parents determine when it is appropriate and how to approach their children with the topic of sex. Tools for parents and teens provide info for any questions or concerns you might have. Guides for dealing with the most innocent of sexual questions to the most complex will help you in your interactions.

The bottom line is if you want your children to be healthy, successful members of society, you can suffer a little embarrassment to ensure they are well informed and equipped to protect themselves and future partners. Be open, be honest and understand your child will likely be just as embarrassed as you are.

Together you can establish a rapport which opens the door to any and all topics. With any luck your child will feel comfortable coming to you with any and all problems rather than hiding them. You owe it to them to send them out in the world with all the information they need about safe sex and a safe place to discuss their sexuality. Knowledge is power, give them the power.