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Importance of Doctors Visits during Pregnancy

Changes in the mentality during pregnancy, are well-known. So, there can be a predilection for one food stuffs and disgust for another. The emotional spirit more often positive, in fact the woman waits for a stork and is full of the most iridescent hopes. However, danger is concealed: the sincere spirit on the expected child fractures a habitual way of life, leads to the scornful attitude to world around.

Some women during pregnancy look slovenly. The mentality becomes more vulnerable, irritability, tearfulness increase. It can lead to that the conflicts especially often arising if the child not desired, cause a morbid pernicious vomiting. What future mother without complications can make?

Medical inspections and the control are important for the mother and the child
During pregnancy each woman should visit the doctor of times observing her in four weeks. It can prevent many troubles. Dangerous, at times on the verge of a life and mors, complications during pregnancy and during labors are observed more often at women who at all did not visit the doctor or visited extremely seldom. Above is a mortality of children of such women.

Before the first visiting of the doctor it is expedient to write down all questions interesting the woman that any of them to not forget to set to the doctor, and also to recollect all the diseases trans carried from the moment of a birth before pregnancy. Especially important precisely to list all dangerous infectious diseases, surgical operations and all the diseases bound to sexual and internal organs.

The doctor finds out, how proceeded previous pregnancy and labors, whether was abortions, specifies features of a menstrual cycle, fixes, what diseases were transferred by the woman before pregnancy to make the conclusion, it is not necessary, whether to apply any certain preventive measures.

During the general inspection the doctor was well-timed establishes, whether a narrow basin at the woman, pays attention to a condition of blood system and appoints special treatment at a Phlebectasia.

From the pregnant woman take the analysis of a blood to establish a Hemoglobin content, group of a blood and an Rh factor. Besides finding a presence of antibodies of a rubella and other antibodies, carrying out research on a Wassermann reaction.

Urine of the pregnant woman investigate on the contents in her of fiber and Saccharum. It is on a regular basis necessary to measure a blood pressure because its rising – the first and major attribute of complication of pregnancy which can be very dangerous (doctor’s name such condition a Toxicosis of pregnancy). During consultations the weight of the pregnant woman is fixed. On that, how much it is enlarged, it is possible to judge, whether correctly the woman eats. Excessively intensive augmentation of weight can be also an attribute of a Toxicosis.

On later durations of gestation the doctor fixes body height of a uterus, position of a fetus and cardiac sounds of the child. From the end of the third month of pregnancy the portable ultrasonic device recording work of the heart of a fetus can be applied. The ultrasonic control helps the doctor to establish, whether the fetus, its position, or position of a placenta normally develops. At each visit, the doctor the blood pressure is measured, analyses of a blood and urine are done and the weight is checked.

From the moment of pregnancy till the moment of labors the future mother will be observed by several doctors. If the child will be born in the clinic located far from that place where the woman, most likely, labors will be accepted not by that doctor who observed her constantly. At times it is vital, especially in case of complications, for example when the woman on a late duration of gestation deliver in clinic with a strong bleeding. In such circumstances the authentic documents, containing data on a condition of the pregnant woman, groups of her blood are necessary to the doctor.

To avoid dangerous situations at which health and a life of mother and the child are exposed to risk, physicians have developed the passport of mother which the pregnant woman. There are exact data about groups of a blood, a Rh factor and are brought about, whether are found out at the analysis of a blood of an antibody. Date of last menses and probable date of labors are necessarily marked. The new doctor owing to the passport of mother receives the full and exact information on current pregnancy and can warn possible complications or take all necessary measures, not losing time.