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Instilling Values in Children

The most important way to teach our children values is to take them to church. You notice that I did not say send them to church. We need to lead by example if we are to expect children to have proper values. This seems almost impossible in today’s world of “R” rated movies, “T” rated video games and television shows which are not suitable for anyone to watch. In my opinion, values are the most important things that children can learn from their parents. My parents instilled in me the values which define my existence today. I am a single mother and it is not always easy to police the things that my son sees and hears when I am not around. Teaching him the values necessary to ensure that he is raised with a sense of right and wrong sometimes requires outside help from sources such as Sunday School teachers and even school teachers. He has been very fortunate to have teachers who share the same values that our family cherishes.

I cannot emphasize enough how important the Church’s role is in teaching values. It makes no difference which denomination you choose, as long as it emphasizes proper morals and values. As a very young child I knew right from wrong. My parents took me to church every time the doors were open from the time I was born. I developed a conscience at an early age and that conscience helped me know when I was about to do or say something that was not appropriate. I feel that the same is true for my son. He is very aware of what values he needs to adopt, even at the young age of thirteen. I know that most children start showing signs of rebellion around this age, but I firmly believe that the morals and values that I and his grandparents have taught him will keep him from becoming a typical rebellious teenager.

I believe that proper values are the anchor of our society and that anchor is gradually sinking. I work in retail and I see a lot of parents and children shopping together on Sunday morning instead of sitting in church. I also believe that if these parents would take their children to church they would benefit greatly from what they themselves would learn. Do not think I am saying that if you take your children to church they will automatically be perfect and never cause any problems. Children are human just like adults and will not always do the right things. I am saying that by taking children to church they are exposed to the right way to live their lives. Teaching our children proper values is probably the most important thing that we can teach them.