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Is it Safe to take Antidepressants through Pregnancy – No

Women have to be careful of what types of drugs they put into their bodies while they are pregnant. Most drugs can harm the growth and health of an unborn child. If it is absolutely, positively, necessary that a woman need to be on an antidepressant while she is pregnant, she should be on the lowest possible dose and the doctor should be monitoring the mother and baby on a weekly basis and keep a close eye one the growth and health of the unborn fetus.

Taking antidepressants during their pregnancy can be dangerous to the fetus of the woman. The drug goes through the woman’s bloodstream and directly into the child’s bloodstream. No unborn child should have to be subjected to any type of drugs, no matter what the reason.

Medications should be monitored safely by the doctor but only certain drugs should be allowed in the child’s bloodstream. I’ve seen the results of some children born after the mother has taken drugs while carrying the child and believe me; it’s not pretty what some of these children have to go through to survive just so the mother can have fun. I know antidepressants are prescribed by a doctor but so many women and men buy these kinds of drugs off the street just so they can “feel good” as they put it, so the doctors don’t always know the mother is taking these types of drugs.

Antidepressants while carrying a child should be forbidden because the child needs all the help they can get to be born safe and healthy these days. Antidepressant slows everything down in the mother’s body, including the child’s growth system. By slowing everything down in an unborn child’s body, it does not develop the way it’s supposed to, therefore causing crippling or other disfigurements, possible to the brain as well as the body.

Unborn children should be given the best care possible while in the womb so it has a better chance in today’s society which seems to be moving so fast sometimes one can’t keep up. I sincerely encourage all mothers to be, to stay off of any medications that are not truly needed, to ensure that you have a happy and healthy baby. If medications are need after the birth then fine, continue to use these drugs, but only after the child is born so the drugs are not in the child’s systems, after all, they need all the love and care during the pregnancy and after the birth. This is your job so do it right the first time, there is no second chance for this unborn child.