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Keeping Kids Active with Extracurrcular Activities

Keeping children active is vital for many reasons.You can do this by adding extracurricular activites.What are extracurricular activities and what do they do for your child? Well, they are those activities outside of the regular school curriculum such as English, Reading, Science and Math that they tackle in their classroom. Why are they good for children? How do they help them? There are several reasons why your child will benefit from extracurricular activities.

One thing these activities do for children is to educate them in things not included in their regular school day. They help them to understand the fact that there are many fun things to learn. It often seems when a child is exposed to an extra activity beyond the classroom; that they enjoy it and ultimately it may help them appreciate learning in their regular work at school.

Another possibility is that new activity can become a lifetime interest. Most hobbies, crafts and sports are discovered while kids are young or teens. What they do with those activities depends on their level of interest and their abilities. Children usually like best those things they can excel in and understand well.

A third advantage to finding your child an extracurricular activity they enjoy is they will make additional and new friends. Children who are outgoing usually have no trouble making friends at school. Sometimes though, the friends at school connect with them on a different level unlike what happens in a non required activity chosen mainly by interest. Those kids who have more problems socially will also make friends easier when they are both doing the same thing they love. It is just easier to connect since they have more in common.

Of course the extracurricular activity is a chance to learn and develop additional skills. Some of the skills kids learn at these times will help them in school at their regular classes. An activity such as sports or dancing that promotes dexterity and flexibility could help them do better in a physical ed class. A person that is learning another language may also be a better English student. A person learning to do crafts may be helped in the area of math as they learn to accurately measure and calculate materials. Many skills learned for fun turn into skills that advance a child in school as well.

If the extra activity is dancing, for example, a child will develop some gracefulness and poise. If the child is playing a community sport, the traits could be good sportsmanship, fairness and even developing a toughness or endurance. Traits that will benefit them in life, not just during the games and practices, will be acquired. Learning to play an instrument means developing patience and an ear for music. Every activity will have some skills or traits that cross over into everyday life or school.

In summation an extracurricular sport could become a lifetime skill or hobby. These activities promote other traditional learning in school. The friends one meets at such an activity are more likely to become forever friends as they have the same interests as your child. They can develop traits and characteristics that improve their personality, and their character. Find the right extra activity for your child to help them gain confidence and keep them occupied and happy.