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Making your Child Confident

If you are a parent, it is important that you instill a sense of confidence into your children. You obviously do not want them to be over confident, for safety reasons, but you do not want them to fear the world or fear they are inadequate. Taking care of your child simply is not enough. You have to raise them to be able to take care of themselves and giving them the confidence they need to do so is necessary.

If you want your child to be confident, the best thing you can do is to have confidence in them. For example, if your child is learning to ride a bike and they say, “I can’t do it.” do not let them give up. Tell them that you are positive that they can do it, that you have confidence in them. If you do not let them give up, they will certainly learn to do it and their confidence in themselves will grow because of your confidence in them.

When instilling a sense of confidence in a child it is never a good idea to be overprotective. By all means, protect your child, but please do not freak out if there is a harmless bug near them or they want to climb a little tree. Instead of freaking out, you should be encouraging them. Allow them to investigate the bug that is freaking you out. Tell them they can climb the tree (to a safe height). Saying things like “that’s not safe” or “don’t touch that” are only going to make your child fear the little things in life. I’m not saying to have your child play with a black widow or have them climb Mt. Everest, but don’t keep them in a shell.

Always remember to make your children feel good about themselves. When they do as good as they could have on a test, do not say, “That was terrible.” say, “I know you can do better than that.” If your child does really well at something, always reinforce their success by saying something like, “That was awesome. You really did great on that.” Never ignore their successes. Life is never to busy for you to say something encouraging or reinforcing to your children.

If you begin implementing these methods of instilling self-confidence in your children, you will surely start noticing a drive in them to do things on their own. As much as it hurts not to be needed, this is necessary for your child to grow and be successful. So, do these things as often as you can and make children as secure in themselves as they can be.