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Military Family Moving Tips

The life of a military family is never easy, nor is it very well paying, depending upon where you live, and what rank you possess. Following some basic moving tips for military families will make your move all the more relaxing and simple. In Canada, military families that are posted on a military base and are transferred to another military base have their moves paid for them. In the USA, the moves are taken care of by the department of homeland security, and in Canada, by the department of defense.

A military-approved moving company will come to your home on the base, and pack everything the way it has to be packed, which is to a very strict military protocol. They will pack everything that is in the home, so if there is anything that you want to take with you for the drive, or to have until you get to your new military home, you may want to have that out of the home before the movers show up.

If just one box of a certain size is out of place, the movers have to repack before leaving the home. A military inspector will be on hand to approve of the packing of the truck(s). The military family is responsible for leaving the home in move-in shape, with all cleaning, holes fixed and walls painted before moving out. Failure to follow this basic part of human morality can be quite severe, including reprimands, fines and even rank suspension or demotion.

However, not all military personnel are housed on military bases, as there is just not enough housing for all soldiers, sailors, pilots and support crews that make up our fighting forces. When a soldier’s family is transferred to another base, and they are staying outside of the base’s housing system, then they can move pretty much any way that they wish. The military will reimburse the military family for almost all moving-related costs.

If the move is long-distance, for example from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast, then the family will be reimbursed for three night’s motel stays, and meals for the drive. The driving time is based on an eight-hour driving day at 55 miles per hour, and meals are based on three squares, at reasonable diners, for each member of the family. You may want to rent one of the cheaper trucks, though, as the cost of the truck rental is limited to the mileage between bases, as is the cost of the movers.

If a military family is moving across the pond, that is across the deep blue sea, then the flight is on a military “jumper” (a pre-scheduled flight for military supplies that has room enough for your belongings). If that is not available, as it may not be during times of war, as in right now, then again the military will reimburse for the cost of the move, as long as the moving company is military-approved, and supervised by a military inspector.

As far as the home that you are moving into, if the home is on a military base expect it to be in the same shape that you left your own home just moved out of in. If the home is not in perfect condition, take it up right away with the base commander’s office.

If you are moving off of military grounds, into civilian territory, then you are on your own, as far as finding a place to live, and the shape that it will be in when you get there. The military will still reimburse you for the cost of the move, to the limits explained to you by the officer in charge. Even moving is overseen by your superiors, and how you handle it reflects upon your service record.

If you are in the military, and on the move, the best tip is to have a military-approved mover do the work, and take the family on a one-week camping trip. See the country that you are protecting, or serving, with your life. It is, after all, there, because of what you do.

Thank you for serving with the military, and may your move be stress-free.