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Morning after Pill to Prevent Pregnancy – No

The morning after pill is not something you should pop in your mouth just because you had sex and don’t want to get pregnant. The morning after pill should be used only in emergencies. Sex crazed people, teenagers and wild part goers are perfect examples of females who should not use this pill. If this is the kind of person you want to be, get on the birth control pill and/or insist your partner use a condom.

Forgetting to take your birth control pills is another example of someone who should not take the morning after pill. You could slip into that mindset; “Oh well. I forgot to take my birth control. The morning after pill will make sure I don’t get pregnant.” This is definitely the wrong way to think.

Let’s not forget this favorite excuse some will give. “We didn’t mean to have sex, it just happened.” How many times has that one been used? Too many to count I bet. And how about; “It was my first time. You can’t get pregnant the first time you do it.” When you find out different, you get to the nearest clinic or doctor’s office as fast as you can. The sooner you get that morning after pill, the least chance there will be you are pregnant.

You can’t get pregnant if you do it while you are on your period. Wrong! Think again. It is possible. Get your facts straight and get well educated on the subject of when you can and can’t get pregnant. Resources like the morning after pill are there for emergencies only and stupidity is not one of those emergencies. It is also not a convenient way to avoid pregnancy or even the cost of an abortion.

Sex feels so much better when there is no condom between us. I want to feel you not a piece of rubber. We don’t need birth control. I can always go see a medical official for the morning after pill to make sure getting pregnant doesn’t happen. I will say what I have to, to make sure it is given to me. It doesn’t hurt to cry on demand either. Those who think like this weren’t taught good values.

The only time a female should use the morning after pill is if something tragic has happened to her like rape. Rape is a serious thing and should not be lied about just to get the pill because you made the choice to have sex. So, no, the morning after pill should not be used, unless it is an emergency.