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Pale Strech Marks Post Pregnancy Stripes on Skin

I bought this product for myself after my first pregnancy. I should have bought it earlier but I haven’t heard about it before. This is a perfectly safe product for pregnant women to prevent stretch-marks on their body (tummy, hips, thighs). As you probably know stretch-marks can be removed just with surgery, but you can pale them with different cosmetics.

These ampoules contain a transparent liquid that you have to massage into your skin. It has a little exfoliating effect. You should use it twice a day for better result. There is a plastic cup in the box to help you breaking the top of the ampoules. Then there is a little bottle with a pump you can use for applying the liquid. I used it on my tummy, thighs and hips and one ampoule was enough for the two treatments, so it was worth pouring it in the bottle with pump. If you use a whole ampoule you can pour it into your palm and then massage it into your skin.

There are 20 ampoules in the box. If you are pregnant right now you should use it from the third month till your cycle gets back to normal (so for about 1 year). Well it is not cheap… A box of 20 ampoules costs about 23-28 pounds depending on where you buy it.

As I wrote before, I discovered this product after I gave birth to our first son, so I had (and still have) some stretch-marks. I used 4 boxes one after the other and I found that the stretch marks became paler. Than I had no money on it, so I gave up the treatment.
After the birth of our second son I had a few additional stretch-marks so I should start the treatment again. I think I will buy 3 boxes at once and then start it again. It won’t be enough but good for a start and after spending so much on it I will use it regularly. It is really effective, but won’t remove the stretch-marks just make them diminish. You have to use it assiduously for months. Be prepared it won’t be cheap at all!

Sometimes I feel tired using it, but it must be used regularly to reach the paling effect. With two kids I can hardly find time for myself.
If you have questions about this product just drop me a comment or message and I reply in a few days. I try to check them every day.