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Parenting Tips how to Handle Sibling Fights

Sibling rivalries are not a modern day situation, they have always been prominently seen within families as a normal occurrence. Some families are lucky enough to have siblings that get along most of the time, but most families aren’t so lucky. Sibling rivalries can develop over simple things, but when they progress into later life through teenage years and into adulthood, that is when the parent has not done enough to prevent them in the past to teach them to respect those of their own blood. There are many ways a parent can handle sibling fights effectively to benefit both children.

Punish both children instead of just one of them

Punishing a child after causing a sibling fight is a necessary part of the learning process. No child enjoys being punished and therefore, punishing them will teach them that it is wrong. However, it is important to punish both children to avoid the idea of favouritism. Sometimes, one child will start the fight and the other will continue it, thus meaning both children played a part in it and therefore, both of them should be punished. This is especially necessary when the parent was not present and therefore has no way of knowing exactly who started the fight to begin with.

Force them into activities where sibling cooperation is necessary

Siblings are less likely to fight if they spend more time together sharing their interests. This can be anything from playing board games, playing video games, reading together or working on creative projects together. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that each sibling puts effort into spending time with their other siblings, in order to build strong and effective relationships that will benefit them throughout all of the most crucial stages of their young life and into adulthood. Helping to build relationships between the siblings is one of the best ways to handle sibling fights.

Educate them rather than scold them

Punishing siblings for fighting is not always the answer; sometimes, educating them is the best solution. If a child is taught that if they do something wrong then they will be punished, that is fine, it is a necessary stage of learning. However, they can only learn what is right through education. When dealing with a sibling fight, sit both of them down and tell them what they have done wrong, why it is wrong and ensure that they make up and take steps to ensure that they do not fight again, even though it is pretty much a given that they will at some point. This is a necessary point of action that should always be undertaken following a sibling fight to find the cause and a solution that suits both of them.

Every parent would love to have children that do not fight with their brothers and sisters at some point or another, but sadly, that situation very rarely comes to pass. Siblings fight with each other, sometimes for silly reasons, sometimes for more serious and deeper reasons, but handling these situations is a necessity. Punish both siblings because both of them played a part in the fight and force them into activities where they have to cooperate and work as one. Above all else, ensure that they are educated about what they did wrong and that they know the importance of building on their relationship for the future.