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Problem Teenagers how to Deal with Problem Teenagers

Every parent around the world will know the trials and tribulations associated with raising a problem teenager. And many will know that during adolescence teenagers often distance themselves from their parents, preferring to turn to their peers for support. As well as the more superficial problems of spots, boyfriends, school and fashion, teens can become moody, introvert and problematic with a small percentage falling into alcohol or drugs habits. Others become the token school bully and can fall into the ritual of tormenting their once-friends, or those who they deem to be ‘weaker’ than themselves. Parents should not be blamed for this, but instead should be offered support so they can set their teen on the road to recovery.

And help is at hand courtesy of Care For The Family, a charity which has at its core, the aim to strengthen the family unit and assist those suffering because of family breakdown. The charity has organised an event especially for parents, to help them gain an insight into their child. Parents are urged to come along to the evening which will take the form of a talk and will hopefully help them relate to what their teen children are going through. The events held at the White Horse Hotel in Londonderry on Monday, November 9 2009 and the Spires Conference Centre in the capital city Belfast, on Tuesday, November 10 2009 will be led by renowned international speaker and author Rob Parsons. Rob Parsons is the Executive Chairman of the Care For The Family charity and author of the book ‘Teenagers: What Every Parent Has To Know.’

At the events in Belfast and Derry he will be raising issues he has covered in his book, such as teenagers and drugs, sex, school and communication. Parents will be able to relate to the anecdotes and most importantly they will discover that they are not alone. Having experience of raising teenagers, he looks at this minefield of parenting in an amusing, light-hearted way. There will also be an opportunity to browse through Care For The Family resources and literature.

The charity is currently reaching out to parents via schools, youth groups and organisations, encouraging them to avail of this opportunity. The events on Monday, November 9 and Tuesday, November 10 2009 run from 7:30pm to 10pm. Parents will appreciate the help offered through this event and hopefully it will lead to a better, brighter and more positive future for their teenager daughter or son.