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Raising a Child with a Disability

There are no “textbook” ways of raising your children, especially when it comes to a child with a disability. Back thirty years ago, some doctors were advising new parents of a disabled newborn baby as to how they felt these children should be raised. Doctors felt that some of these babies, would never walk on their own, drive their own vehicles, graduate from high school, get married, or even have families of their own. Those children are now adults, and have done some of these things if not all of them, and some of them are trying to re educate people that just because a child is born with a disability, does not mean that they are less smart than any other person, or can not do the things that every other child can do. Some children with disabilities may have to adapt to doing things in a different way than most people, but with modifications, even disabled children can do most things that everyone else can do.

Some children may need leg braces or crutches or maybe even both to be able to walk, but with these assistive devices, they can walk with out their parents help, or the help of someone else. Some people who do not have use of their legs can still drive a car, but with hand controls to make the car go faster, slow down, turn, or come to a complete stop. Some people with physical disabilities, may have learning difficulties and need to adjust their school schedule to be able to complete the requirements to graduate. Some students are offered the option of completing their high school requirements in 5 years instead of 4 to allow for a lighter class load so that the student does not get overwhelmed and frustrated and end up giving up with out trying their hardest. Just because someone has a disability, does not mean that they will not find love that will hopefully last forever and some day start a family of their own. Their are risks to anyone having a baby, and when there is a disability involved the risks become even greater. Some people are willing to take these risks in order to have a family of their own, even though the doctor has told the couple or the woman that having children is impossible or not recommended.

It is every parents right to try to give their child guidance, but they should not hold your child back from having as much of a normal life as possible. Parents should give their children as much advice as they can so that their children will make a good decision, but telling them they can not do something will just make matters worse, because they will try to do everything that they can to prove the parents wrong no matter what the cost.