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Reasons why Children should always Carry a Form of Identification

The first thing that most parents teach their children is their name, address, and telephone number, however, sometimes this isn’t enough to keep them safe, or to help them get back home. Just as adults are advised to always carry some form of ID, children should have this added protection as well, both for their own safety and for those that are may be trying to help them.

Nothing is more of a relief to parents than to hear their name being called to pick up a lost child, and those who find missing children are thrilled when there is some identification to go by. Small children that may have wandered away in a store, amusement park, airport, or even from the back yard, may find themselves with strangers. And while we may have schooled our children in memorizing their address, name, and telephone number, in frightening situations, even the brightest and most vocal child can sometimes be too scared to answer the most basic questions. Hours can go by before parent and child are reunited.

Besides the normal information on a child’s ID, medical information that may be critical should be noted. Children that suffer from certain conditions may need constant attention and specific medications that cannot wait.

Children can become involved in accidents, while away from home. They may not be able to disclose their identity, and hospitals and emergency personnel rely on information that is pertinent to their medical treatment. They also need certain waivers and parental permission. Identification can speed up the process of locating parents or guardians, and continuing with treatment. It can also alert doctors as to potential problems with allergic reactions or existing conditions.

In the event that parent and child become separated due to some natural disaster, flood, tornado, or other event, identification is vital to allow authorities to reunite families.

Sorry to say, in this day and age, there is always the possibility of child abduction. While no one wants to think about this tragedy, children are sometimes found, and too traumatized to disclose who they are, or where they live.

We try to safeguard many things in our lives. We lock up our belongings, put identification numbers on our most valuable possessions, and even make our pets wear tags that tell others where they live and who to contact. We should certainly want to protect our most cherished blessings then, by making sure that our children are protected by wearing identification that might just save their lives.