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Should Short Teens be Offered Human Growth Hormone Hgh – Yes

When weighing the options of whether or not we would allow our son to receive human growth hormone (HGH), never once did we consider surveyed public opinion which states that men must be tall to be paid an equal wage or find a wife. For medical reasons, short teens should be offered HGH.

As early as kindergarten, it was obvious that our son was not going to be tall like his father, or even as tall as his mother. As he approached adolescence, the questions outnumbered the answers from the physicians.

He tested negative for every genetic malady which could explain his lack of stature. Simply put, his body was not producing HGH as it should have, thereby he would not grow to his genetic potential. While doctors assured us that no physical harm would come to him from being short, they were wrong.

One condition which could be directly attributed to his height was depression. He bore a tremendous weight from his classmates, and their interpretation that he lacked virility proportionate to his height. Undisciplined children were cruel and abusive in more ways than verbally.

Another was his abnormal sleep patterns and moodiness. His lack of interest in almost anything was indicative of more than simple depression. When faced with his multiple illnesses, doctors told us he was just “frail”.

Researching HGH brought a new found light to the darkness of his stunted height. Human growth hormone is responsible for many other things besides just height. As a treatment option, it was the only answer.

While HGH primarily increases height, it also increases muscle mass. It helps the body retain calcium for stronger, denser bones and fend off osteoporosis. By controlling the fat in the body, it helps control blood sugar and insulin levels, while boosting immunity.

At a time when his HGH level should have been rising, it was level. There was no guarantee that it would rise at all, much less to normal. We also had to face the fact that that small level would fall as well. His short stature was indicative of much more than a bruised ego, but of future maladies guaranteed without intervention.

Since beginning HGH, he has physically matured, something that would not have occurred without HGH supplements. He will never be as tall as his father, but he is now as tall as his mother. With his new-found zest for life is enviable and carries the energy to see it through. His new activity level produces sleep at the appropriate time and of appropriate length.

His health has improved, and he is no longer the sickliest child in his class. The even muscle tone which replaced his look of malnutrition boosts his athletic ability and confidence. Depression is a thing of the past.

Should short teens be offered human growth hormone? Yes, when medically necessary. It is more often that you would think.