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Should Societys View on Disciplining Children Affect a Parents right to Spank

I watch with some alarm when Homer Simpson strangles Bart on a near episodic basis.

That will definitely leave marks, maybe if he………..

Now of course I’m joking, but I understand the feelings and emotions every parent experiences with their offspring.

At one end of the scale, wonderful pure unselfish emotions, unparalleled and almost painful in their intensity.

The dark side, convincing yourself that any physical harm you inflict would be completely justified, and any normal, rational person would understand.

I have two children, two over eighteen adult children.

Two children who could marry, form a civil partnership (thankfully, not yet to each other), drive, curse, drink alcohol, smoke, vote and move out without my consent.

It would also be quite legal for them to clean up after themselves, engage in civil conversations, pay for their own things, rise before midday, wash etc.

I have total empathy with parents who wish to spank their kids. Nobody pushes buttons like your children can.

A roll of their eyes can be the same as ten years of bile and bullying from your idiot boss.

The refusal to so much as contemplate the worlds most gracious and reasonable request, a kick in the teeth.

Their willingness to complete every task set for them at a future date, usually tomorrow.

The pseudo non-comprehension after patiently explaining the difference between their money and your money.

I understand all these things.

I understand how I felt when my first born, who was four at the time, ran across a gravel path and tripped. You know the kind of path I mean, razor wire would be less likely to cause injury. I remember scooping him up his face obscured by blood. How hopeless I felt, how I wished it was me not him. How I would do anything at all to make it better.

He has a two inch scar above his left eye to remind him of that day. I don’t think for a second he even notices it now. I can’t look at it without experiencing a tight feeling in my groin and lower stomach.

“Should society’s view on disciplining children affect a parent’s right to spank”?

No, it doesn’t make the slightest difference what society thinks. Don’t spank your children. Talk to them, reason with them and give them a happy childhood.

Remember, if all else fails, wait until your eldest has a son of his own, as mine has, you can then get your own back by proxy.