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Teens and Clothes Cool Clothes and Teens Teens and Baggy Clothes

To understand our children’s aversions to uncool clothes, we must first take a trip down memory lane, to reminisce on those days of old when we were once young and vulnerable, going through the ups and downs of adolescence and the naked truth of the fear we possessed when getting dressed for school. Let’s make it even more specific and take it back to middle school, the harshest reality for any kid, and the torture we felt when we heard the first person make fun of something we were wearing. Or maybe you were one of the kids picking on someone else. At any rate, we should all know the humiliation wearing uncool clothes brings on a teen.

At my school, the theme word for generic was “bobo” and if you didn’t have name brand then you could expect to be called by that unattractive serogate name until the problem was resolved. Let’s face it, puberty is hard enough without all the peer pressure that comes along with it. But if you were one of the unfortunates who couldn’t buy name brand or danced to the beat of a different drum, i.e. a dork, then school was a living hell.

My parents couldn’t afford those cool clothes, so I stole things from a local store in order to please the masses and save myself from social suicide. I would constantly alter the clothes that were handed down to me from cousins to fit me just right. My mom, of course, would have killed me had she known, but can you really blame a kid for something society says is a necessity? Teens are influence by TV, music videos, and all the so-called “idols” seen in tabloids. Being cool is not just a mainstream thing either. Whether a thug, prep, rocker, goth goer, or nerd, style is medium teens use to represent who they believe they are. If you deny your child’s right to wear their “cool” clothes then in his eyes, you might just be denying your child altogether and then they start hiding things from you.

One thing that really ticks me off are parents who just cannot understand why their kids wear baggy pants or tight shirts or chains or dangly earrings. Come on folks, it’s a rite of passage! Don’t throw your kids into the lions den with bait tied to them, you’re just setting them up for humiliation and resentment. It seems these are the same parents who wore plaid bell-bottoms or those hideous black framed glasses that are coming back into style and hippie bands around their heads and platforms that seem to have this hang up. Then there are dorky parents who were dorky teens and just expect their kids to be as well. Don’t throw your dirty rages over their heads. They’re just full of bad energy you harbored growing up and you don’t want to pass that down to them. You want them to be happy, right?

Fashion. It’s a fad that comes and goes; a phase that passes. Enjoy the color your teenager brings into your life, love them, laugh it up (not to their faces), and flow with it. It will be gone before you know it and your relationship with them is more important than your opinion on their clothing styles. Pick your battles wisely.