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The Teenage Life

The teenage population contains some of the most happy and troubled individuals in society. Every adult can recall quite a few tales from their hormone driven teenage years and young children often dream of being older and on high school, being the “cool kid” and going to prom. Being a teenager, I know the ups and downs of this period in life all too well.

In the seven years from the moment you turn thirteen until the ripe age of twenty years, there is so much of the human experience packed into such a short period that you can only help but wonder how anyone makes it out okay. When you’re a teen there are three things and only three things that matter in your life: friends, the opposite gender, and school.

Your friends are the people who will mean more to you than your own family. You want to be with them all the time and make more of them. The number of friends you make will greatly depend upon your personality. People who are shy tend to end up having fewer, but better friends. The outgoing persons will often have many friends who they only know enough about to call them friend, and they are the group you want to be a part of. If you’re in with these guys, you’re in with the “cool crowd”.

The opposite sex will consume the mind of any teen from time to time. You will find out what type of person a teen is by the personalities of the people they date. The teenage years often mark the start of relationships, the first kiss and all that jazz. These relationships might be good or bad. In case of it being good, a teen will discover that he/she is not the most important person in the world and that other people’s feelings matter as much as their own. If it were to be bad a teen might end up getting too caught up with their partner and becoming dissolved into their relationship, forgetting about life and the fact that there are other fish in the sea. Needless to say, this is everyone tries to look their best and be flirty.

Parents and teachers will always be on every teenager’s case about their schoolwork and future. The four years everyone spends in high school is one of the major deciding factors of how their life will play out. You pick your classes, learn about what you want to learn and use that knowledge to get a career in the field of your choice. This is obviously the least favorite part of every teenager’s daily life, but it is also where most of the social relations occur, making it the place where everyone meets.

The life of a teenager is a complicated one filled with acne and relationships, but it is the most memorable time of everyone’s life and should be lived to the fullest. As teens turn to adults, the memories stay and are passed on to the next generation, in hopes of improving the life of another person.