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Tips for Building a Parental Community

Building a Community

A communities strength lies in how often the people in the community get together. The more often people see each other, the more the people in the community are willing to lend a hand to their fellow neighbor. When people meet and talk with their neighbors or community they realize what a wonderful resource lies just on your own street.

I firmly believe a community is what you make it. If you don’t get out and meet people than your community is very small. You need to participate either by attending gatherings, or by holding them yourself.

Holding a gathering does not have to be perfect. You don’t have to have party plates, matching napkins or anything fancy. Simple materials, basic preparation and guests are the ingredients necessary to have a wonderfully memorable time.

Here are some ideas I have used to help strengthen and build a community in my neighborhood.

Pizza Party
Ingredients: Pita pockets, pasta sauce in a jar, mozzarella. Ask for guests to bring extra supplies like mushrooms, etc.

Pretzel Party
Ingredients: Pretzel dough. Ask guests to bring topping. Suggestions include: sesame seeds, cinnamon sugar, onion, cardamon.

Holiday Cookie Bake
Ingredients: Sugar Cookie Dough, Colored frosting. Ask guests to bring toppings. Suggestions include: red hots, sprinkles, m&m;’s.

Ingredients: Paper plates, forks, knives, serving dishes, and a table for food to be put out at.
Suggestions: There are a number of different types of potlucks you could choose from such as: BBQ, casserole, appetizer, wine and cheese, dessert.

Sprinkler Party
Ingredients: Sprinklers, water balloons, small kid-die pool and other water related fun toys.

Community Pool Play:
Meet at a local pool with water toys.

Halloween Party & Parade
Ingredients: Fun Halloween themed snacks.
Activity: Walk down the street dressed up.

Taco Party
Ingredients: shredded cheese, tortillas, tomatoes diced, lettuce diced, taco meat.

Sculpture Bake
Ingredients: Different color Fimo clay available at Michaels and other arts stores. Participants shape whatever they want and when done you bake it in the oven for a sculpture.

Gingerbread House Decoration
Ingredients: Get a pre-made gingerbread house / or train kit. Let everyone participate in decorating it.