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Tips for Buying a Stroller

The models of baby strollers available are almost as diverse as those seeking to purchase. It may be surprising, but purchasing this item can be as complicated as buying a vehicle. Parents can feel overwhelmed, and a little scared, as their child will be traveling around in the product. But take heart, there are ways to narrow your choice. Everybody is different with their own set of requirements. Consider the below suggestions when making your selection and make the search easier.


Before you start looking know your expectations. Think about what you’ll be doing when using the stroller. Is it something you’ll be pushing when shopping or are you planning to go for jogs through the park? Is this for a newborn, who will need to lie down, or a child over six months who will take a great deal of pleasure in viewing the world about him? While it may not be possible to come up with an exact list, it helps to have a clear idea in mind.

Full travel system or light weight frame?

If you have a newborn, you may want to consider a full traveling system or a light weight frame. Full travel systems are strollers that allow the car seat to be fit into them. They can be expensive, but once the child outgrows the car seat the stroller can still be used. The light frames turns your car seat into a stroller and are less expensive. However, when your baby is too big for the seat you’ll need something else.

Sturdier options

If your exercise routine takes you out of the gym and unto the open road, consider a stroller built to keep up with you. If you plan to introduce your baby to the joys of a jog or extended walk, be assured that there are products on the market capable of keeping baby safe while allowing her to enjoy a look at nature. These items are more expensive but come with suspension meant to endure the punishment of a long jog and have air filled tires to boot. These are often three wheel strollers and, while made for a faster pace, may not be the best for tight spaces such as department stores.

Consider the user

Often, more than one person will be ushering baby about. Make sure that the stroller is comfortable for those involved. Adjustable handles, weight and ease of use should be considered. While you can’t actually take the stroller for a test drive, don’t be afraid to fold, roll, and get the feel of an item you’re considering. There’s no need to make life more difficult than it need be, so allow yourself to be picky.

Small comforts

Depending on your lifestyle, small details may become extremely important. In the beginning, it may not seem an issue, but later you may be grateful for the cup holder, item basket and the canopy that protects your child from the sun or rain. Take a step back and look for the little things that will make your life easier. Will your water be within easy reach? Will baby be out of direct sunlight? Can you take your phone and other items along with ease? Does the stroller fit easily into your available car space? How easy is it to clean the item? A fancy stroller may be visually attractive but take extra maintenance.


Strollers are required by law to meet certain standards. It is up to you to use them, and like everything else, you want to feel comfortable. Remember to apply straps correctly and engage wheel brakes when needed. Some models are meant to carry a child from newborn to toddler. Make sure the seat reclines for your new baby and the leg openings are adequately blocked to prevent injury. Another thing to remember is to return the warranty card so you’ll be notified of any recalls. Without the card, the manufacturer has no way of contacting you. If you’re on the move quite a bit, consider buying two strollers. A lighter weight model for shopping trips and a rugged model for jogging in the park.

Taking baby along is one of the pleasures and chores of parenthood. Even very young children enjoy the stimulation of sounds and sights. It’s exciting to watch them experience the world from the safety of their stroller. Know the store’s return policy and utilize it if you feel uncomfortable with your purchase. Your peace of mind and your child’s well-being come first.