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All children that are in the fostered care program should get better care. Several foster parents have been turned in because of treating children the wrong way. American Indian children should have it better then what they do now. Our government took away their land and put all American Indians on land that is not suitable to grow crops, houses that are not suitable to live in, and so much more. American Indian families are giving up their children because they want their children to have more then what they can give them. Several American Indian children in foster care are treated differently at times. The fostered care parent doesn’t tell them everything about the ways the American Indians lived and what has happened to their culture. Several foster parents that take in several children at a time. Have treated the American Indian children not as well as the children of their own kind. It’s sad, but it does happen from time to time.

Stop the circle with you. Don’t pass it onto another. Our government should have never done what they did. Now the American Indian families are being over looked. That is why there are American Indian children in foster care. The main reason is not because they don’t love their children. Our government made it hard for American Indians to make it in this world. If you go to a true American Indian Dwelling. Tears will come to your eyes. I know it has done this to me and my children. I ask myself how could our government do this to a culture that has been here way before we have. Yes, our government gives them money. But it is not enough to raise a family. Yes, our government gave them land. The land can’t even be used to paint food.

The American Indian children should be treated a lot more better when they are in fostered care. But that is not what is happening. When an American Indian child is put into, foster care.They try to find a family that is American Indian or has some American Indian in them. Bottom line is that there are not enough American Indians left that can teach the children their culture or speak Native American. This makes it hard to place that child. Many American Indians what to know why their children are being taken away. Don’t you think they have been hurt enough? If our government didn’t do that they did. Not one American Indian would be in the fostered care program.

The best thing that I can say to you is. If you are in the fostered care program and have an American Indian child living with you. Learn about their culture. Learn to speak American Indian. Teach them about themselves. Help them make a life that has their culture in it. Show them how to make American Indian foods. Learn whatever you can about the American Indian and pass that onto that child. When he or she is old enough. Tell them the truth about what has happened and why. Because when he or she is older and finds out for him or her self. That child may blame you. Give them the understanding and love they need. With everything already taken from them. They don’t need on more taken. Don’t treat them any different from the other children in your home. Give everyone a chance to learn about all the cultures that live in your home. In my home we have the cultures of American Indian, German, Irish, and American. I try my best that my family knows about all of the cultures and the truth about them.