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What not to say to a Pregnant Woman

There are many choice phrases or words, that when said to a pregnant woman can immediately fan the flame to the extra hormones and emotions and become disastrous very quickly to anyone who may stand in their path. The best way to completely understand what NOT to say to a pregnant woman, one needs to understand what pregnant woman are dealing with internally and what exactly it is that they need to hear.

There are several things you must know about the almost-mom. She has to pee all the time, always avoid jokes about going to the bathroom. Another thing to avoid is mentioning moodiness, her inability to stay awake, or her inability to lift heavy objects or complete the same work load as she did previously. Remember, she is creating a life inside of her, talk about tiring!

All pregnant woman are dealing with several added pounds of weight. Never mention how big she is getting or any fear of her not being able to lose the weight. Woman in this state of emotional ups and downs are bound to break into tears at any moment if feeling unappreciated, or feeling fat, or simply not beautiful anymore. Remind pregnant woman of their beauty, and always steer clear of any subject of weight.

All woman, especially first time moms are facing their giant fear of the actual birthing process. Refrain from feeding into their fears and never say how much pain they will be in, or how much blood, or anything gruesome of the sort. Pregnant woman will already have these fears played in the back of their mind, “could I be the woman with a complication?” “could I lose my baby?” Always reassure her that everything will be okay, negative thoughts will do no good for anyone.

Never tell her that her needs are beyond what you can satisfy. If she wants tapioca pudding and fried chicken at 6 am, get it for her! The demands of pregnancy are beyond what anyone can understand unless you have gone through it yourself. Instead of focusing what not to say, focus on what she needs to be hearing. Yes, her demands matter and yes she is so beautiful. Be willing to pick up the slack of a pregnant woman and impress on her that it is important she is taking care of herself and is getting lots of rest. Always value her life as well as her child’s and cradle her emotions. Be gentle, loving, kind and caring to her and try to remind yourself that her emotions and reactions are triggered by the extra hormones and give her the benefit of the doubt always.