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When is a Baby given up for Adoption

A baby is given up for adoption when, for whatever reason, the natural parents are not able to properly care for him or her. This may be that they are very young, or there may be a financial aspect involved. There are times that a person is simply not emotionally able to care for a child, or there might be physical or mental disabilities that get in the way. No matter the reason, this is usually a very difficult decision to come to, one which involves an extremely unselfish birth parent or parents.

The choice to place a baby up for adoption is the choice to give your child the gift of life at some expense to you. The woman must go through the pregnancy and delivery of the child. Any woman who has gone through this understands that while carrying a baby in your womb, a deep attachment and love grows for your son or daughter. It can be exceedingly tempting to keep the child, even if this goes against your initial judgment. Only the strongest of women will be able to follow through on their decision when this bonding sets in.

In choosing adoption for her child, the mother has opted against abortion, choosing instead to allow her child to live. Only God knows the reason for this child’s creation at this point, but it would be doing the world a grave injustice to discontinue that child’s purpose before he or she ever got the chance to fulfill any part of it. The birth mother is also granting another couple the opportunity to become parents. Often, this is the only chance they will have to give all of their love and caring to a child. What an incredible gift!

I am so thankful for each mother who, when they are unable to raise their child, chooses adoption. My husband was adopted and he is one of the truly great blessings in my life. Had his mother terminated her pregnancy rather than making the self-sacrificing decision that she did, I would never have had the opportunity to enjoy my life with this incredible man. He holds no grudge towards her and understands that she did the right thing for him. He would love to meet her one day and thank her for his life.

There should be no shame for women who give their children over to be raised by adoptive parents. They have demonstrated true love for their child. Decisions made more for the child’s benefit than their own are the true mark of motherhood. In allowing their son or daughter a better life, this is what they are doing and I commend them.